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Coal Fired Boiler for Fast Food Processing

Time:2015-08-20 13:48:45 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

Our 28sets chain grate coal fired boiler had been installed in China famous noodles manufacturer for quick-served noodles manufacture. Why this famous factory choose our boiler. The reason is our product platforms are well known for their high efficiency, low emissions, reliability and low maintenance, and our equipment is able to deliver quick payback and strong return on investment which has come to enhance our any processing manufacturer's bottom line.


Chain Grate Coal Fired Boiler Project Details:
1. Low coal consumption and High thermal efficiency;
2. Reasonable water cycling, large water capacity and spacious steam volume;
3. Equipped with light chain belt assembly grate, blowing machine and draught fan.
4. High automation, mechanical adjustment of water supply, high and low water level alarm;
5. Low water and blowers interlocking protection;
6. Mechanical operation of boiler coaling, slag discharging;
7. Simple operation and quick installation.
Coal fired chain grate boiler advantages:
1.The boiler adopt newest technology,with enough steam output, high thermal efficiency and low fuel consumption.
2. Simple structure, wide application;
3. High thermal efficiency, and meet national standard;
4. Fast installation, convenient movement, and easy operation;
5. High heat transfer efficiency, and easy for maintenance;
6. Environmental protection
Chain grate boiler application range:
Chain grate coal fired boilers in a wide range of applications for industrial heating, electricity, food processing, and public heating.

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