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CFB Hot Water Boilers for Restaurant

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CFB hot water boiler is the life-blood of restaurants. ZG’s hot water system provides the service of hot water to clean hands, wash dishes and equipment, and for cooking purposes. For food safety reasons, foodservice facilities are not allowed to operate without an adequate supply of hot water for sanitation. Therefore it is essential to design the water heating system to meet the needs of hot water using equipment under peak operation.

Water and Energy Saving Potential

Foodservice operations in California consume upwards of 350 million therms of gas annually for water heating – representing 15% of the total gas consumed by commercial buildings in California. They also use an estimated 115,000 acre-feet of water per year. The saving potential is considerable and in great need. Our freshwater resources are under siege and it is becoming a struggle for communities to meet the water and energy needs of a growing population.


Annual Operating Costs

An unyielding upward trend in utility costs in the U.S. of 6% annually – well above the annual inflation rate of 3% – is troubling for the foodservice sector. For the restaurant owner, this means a larger portion of revenue will be needed to pay for utility costs associated with the hot water system. The annual cost for conventional water heating systems operated in California in a typical quick-and full-service restaurant is displayed in Table 1. The projected operating cost of $3,500 and $19,650 translates to a substantial portion of the restaurant’s total utility bill. The utility rates shown in Figure 1 for natural gas, electricity, water and sewer will be applied throughout this guide for cost estimating.

Besides the ZG’s CFB hot water boiler, there has the other types of hot water boilers, such as oil fired hot water boiler, gas fired hot water boiler, coal fired hot water boiler, biomass fired hot water boiler,etc. 

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