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Biomass Fired Boiler for weave Factory

Time:2015-07-03 14:01:52 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

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ZG’s biomass fired boilers can be used for producing desired steam and hot water for product manufacturing process in the printing and dyeing, paper making and other industry like: food, rubber, plastic, chemical,textile, pharmaceutical, etc, and for heating room and bath in factories, departments, hotels, schools, restaurants, services industries etc. They can be also used for weave factory.


1.Energy conservation ,use the newest combustion technology and chain grate ,all this make the fuel burning in sufficiency ! Adopt high efficiency spirally thread tube ,it make the heat efficiency get above 85%.The fuel is reproducible biomass pellet ,CO2 is zero emission ,the dust discharge is less than 50mg/m3 ,the balckness is less than Greenman I grade .
2 Low working cost ,for biomass pellet is reproduceable source ,its product is high efficiency ,low cost ,wide source ,such as rice husk ,sawdust ,wood pellet .
3 Intelligent control system ,and high automatically operate ,the user can set it according to their requesting .Easy to operate ,and automatically ignite ,and feed biomass pellet ,clean dust. 

4 Safety ,use high standard and high quality auxiliary machinery.
5 Nice looking wood pellet boiler.

生物质.jpg 生物质.jpg

Technical characteristic
1. The flue header changed from two return trips to single return trip, has solved the tube plate crack difficult problem.
2. Uses the thread flue header,has obtained the strengthened heat transfer effect, raised boiler's thermal efficiency.
3. Stable movement,convenient adjustment, sufficient output, and high thermal efficiency.
4. Boiler oneself has the dust removal function,enables boiler's mist and dust emissions up to standard of environmental protection. 

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