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6T Coal Fired Boiler for Greenhouse

Time:2015-05-05 16:57:57 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

In recent years, the use of coal fired boiler has caused great controversy because of the increasingly serious pollution. Boiler manufacturers and users are seeking for the best solution to achieve proper coal fired boiler usage. At the same time, ZG boiler has summarized coal fired boiler price for the latest development. The idea that to use 6t coal fired boiler for greenhouse is definitely the best way to decrease the pollution and improve general economic efficiency.


Coal fired boiler for greenhouse has several advantages:
1.Decrease the pollution degree: we all know that the use of coal fired boiler has bed effect on the environment. The discharged CO2 can cause serious greenhouse effect. However, we also know that plants in greenhouse needs to photosynthesize to maintain the vitality. During the photosynthesis, plants needs CO2 to produce nourishment and O2. With the coal fired boiler, plants can use the discharged CO2 to photosynthesis. In this way, users can decrease the pollution degree.
2.Energy saving and high efficiency: Generally speaking, there is more O2 than CO2 in the greenhouse, and this is not good for plant photosynthesis. The CO2 discharged by coal fired boiler can meet the need and this also saves manpower to get enough CO2 for plants. On the other hand, the temperature that is needed by plants is not very high, coal fired boiler users can choose proper fuel type for combustion to decrease the fuel cost. With all underground pipes for heating, boiler users can use the heat to the maximum extent. So the use of coal fired boiler has high thermal efficiency.

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ZG coal fired boiler series have many types for different application, such as coal fired boiler for auto industry, hospital sterilization, food processing and other industries. Besides, ZG boiler has improved the performance of coal fired boiler to meet the eco-friendly standard and can meet all requirement of greenhouse. With 70 years’ experience and persistence, ZG coal fired boiler has had high efficiency, low cost in combustion and goes with the beautiful environment. It is the boiler that you can rely on.

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