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35t External CFB boiler for Paper Industry

Time:2015-04-29 16:23:39 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

35t external CFB boiler for paper industry is one of the approved clean combustion technologies, and the power supply efficiency can be improved combining with the supercritical technology.This boiler is designed based on the success of CFB boilers, which has a single furnace with three cyclones without external heat exchangers.

There are twin furnaces and twin air distributors in the boiler. The water walls of the twin furnace above dense bed combines to a common fence wall with some channels to balance the pressure of the two furnaces. The smooth tubes are adopted in membrane water wall with mixing header. he hydrodynamic characteristic of water wall is available with the modeling prediction. This is how does external CFB boiler work. On the design of CFB boiler, ZG boiler decreases the erosion of water walls to the maximum extent. There is no doubt that external CFB boiler makes significant technological breakthroughs in fluidized combustion technologies.

According to CFB boiler manufacturer in China, ZG 35t external CFB boiler is designed according to the characteristic of the fuel. The rated thermal output of this boiler is 116t/h, with the main water of 1.6MPa in pressure and 150 Celsius degree in temperature, and the return temperature is 90 Celsius degree in temperature.
The design of QXX external CFB boiler is the innovation of ZG boiler. For 70 years, ZG boiler is on the way of persistence to be a better boiler manufacturer and supplier with innovation, and this is the essence of ZG boiler.

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