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15T Coal Fired Boiler for Power Generation

Time:2015-05-08 17:02:23 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

Power generation is an unfailing topic especially with the rapid development the word. ZG boiler produced 10t coal fired boiler for power generation with compact structure and single layer arrange. The boiler covers small area and only needs small investment in construct the boiler house. At the same time, ZG boiler developed coal fired steam boiler for sale to meet the new development demand.

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ZG coal fired boiler has following characters:
1. High heat efficiency, big output capacity, combustion performance is upstanding, the boiler adopts self-governed wind warehouse, and the crown of stove designed reasonably.
2. High degree of automation, has alarming measures of pressure and various kinds of linkage and automatic control measures.
3. Wide application. ZG coal fired series boiler has boiler for auto industry, greenhouse, food industry, textile and so on.
3. Enough and economic auxiliary machinery. The electric cabinet is designed reasonably and it is easy to be operate which not only meet the requirements of steady run according to the boiler steam rate, bu also has sufficient adjustment scope and regulate flexibility according to the change of pressure.
4. Easy installation and maintenance.
5. The boiler adopts new fashioned heat insulator which can reduce the radiation loss. The result of energy-saving is remarkable.

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Another boiler that is suitable for power generation is CFB boiler, ZG has developed high efficient CFB boiler for power plant. In a sense, ZG produced different type of boiler for power generation because of the common advantages that high efficiency, low cost and eco-friendly. When the boiler users are concerning about the pollution of coal fired boiler, while ZG coal fired boiler has combined the latest technology on less emission of NOx and CO2. It is a green boiler with excellent performance.

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